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Loofah is a climbing vine related to the cucumber family which bears fruit in the summer. It is a fast growing and versatile plant, the fruit of which is cultivated for food and sponge use. Loofah is one of nature’s best exfoliators. To create high quality exfoliating products, when the loofah is fully grown it is harvested and left in the sun to dry until only the hard skeleton remains.

All loofah products at Organic Harmony are 100% organic, sustainable and biodegradable.


  • deep cleansing: unblocks pores and removes impurities for fresher, clearer skin.
  • exfoliating: removes dead surface skin allowing moisture and active skin care ingredients to penetrate for smoother, polished and more hydrated skin.
  • de-toxing: helps stimulate the lymphatic system to drain cellular waste and toxins safely away, reducing the appearance of cellulite and puffiness.
  • regenerating: stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal resulting in healthier, younger looking skin.
  • massage: helps break down fatty deposits (cellulite), invigorates tired muscles and improve wellbeing.

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